3 Changes to Improve the Game of Golf

Golf has increasing become a game for older generations.  One could point to many different factors for why interest in golf has decreased with the younger crowd…..the length of play, the cost to play a round, the pace of play, etc…  What can be done to change how golf is played to attract younger players to the game?  TopGolf and similar offshoots may hold some of the keys to making golf popular again.

  1. Add technology to the game – there is no reason not to add RFID chips to golf balls.  This would enable tech savvy players to better track their round, find lost balls and improve their game.  Imagine being able to determine how far you can hit a 5 iron on average.
  2. Shorten the game – why not allow players to pay per hole instead of having to commit to 18 or even 9 holes.  This would open up the game to more casual golfers who might only have an hour or two to play but who want to do it on a course rather than hitting the driving range.
  3. Shorten the course – this would be a combination of regular golf with miniature golf…..a variation of a par 3 course but even smaller.  It would enable you to still use clubs but would be much more focused on your short game.  This could open up year long play even in cold weather areas since you could arguably fit this indoors or in a covered space.

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