What is Stableford?

Stableford Scoring is an individual scoring system used by many golf leagues. It is where points are given depending on the number of stokes relative to par. Your league needs to decide whether it wants to use “Net Scores” vs. “Gross Scores” relative to par for awarding points.

You decide how many points to award for each score relative to par. Below is an example of how Stableford can be set up. It is the standard used by a majority of golfers who use the Stableford scoring method. Of course, you can customize the Stableford system however your golf league deems necessary. One popular modified version is called “The International” and it is geared more towards penalizing golfers for scoring worse than par on a hole by doling out negative points for such scores.

Scoring - Stableford

Here is an example of how the points are calculated for ‘PlayerF’. This golfer is getting a stroke per hole because of his handicap.

Stableford Results

(Screen shots courtesy of netGolfLeague.com)

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